In August, I held my first community event: Brand Imagination Station. The energy was so sweet, vulnerable, supportive and creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the laughs at my jokes: a complete success in my book. It meant so much to have everyone there, I’m truly grateful. My intention was to promote my assistance in helping soulpreneur […]


Community Event ~ Brand Imagination Station

Healing Arts Here is a list of sample Soulpreneurs in the Healing Arts industry: Wellness Coaches Spiritual Business Coaches Life Coaches Nutritionists Yoga Instructors Astrologists Kundalini Instructors Reiki Practitioners Energy Healers Breathwork Therapists Holistic Health / Alternative medicine Healing Arts Event Coordinators Numerologists Retreat Hosts Inspiring Artists Craniosacral Therapist Resonance Coach (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping […]


What are the Healing Arts?

Austin, Texas is one of the most magical places in the world. There are so many events that happen every day that it’s impossible to keep up with all of them! From massive festivals to small gatherings held between a handful of people, Austin is a city where you can be as spiritual as you […]


Top Spaces for a Sacred Gathering in Austin TX

Looking for some ATX outdoor location ideas to create some magic in? Then, you are in the right place! Austin is stunning in so many ways, and there are plenty of scenic locations to use as your backdrop. Born and raised here, I hesitate to give my favorite spots away, but I also believe sharing […]


10 ATX Outdoor Location Ideas

Props aren’t just random items to fill a photo scene. They can serve important purposes. They help to express your brand vibes and individual personality. Props also help make photos more interesting, giving them dimension. Most importantly, props give clients something to do, something to play with, something to move with. For those who are […]


Photo Prop Inspiration for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Mind-body-spirit healing comes in many unique forms. Psychics, readers, astrologers, intuitives, mediums, teachers, and Reiki masters are uniquely gifted to help with shadow work, kundalini clearings, emotional freedom (EFT) , contacting loved ones, overcoming trauma,  living with purpose, elevating wellness, and much more. My 16 favorite talented healers each have multiple healing gifts, and help […]

healing art post featured image


My Favorite List of Gifted Talents in the Healing Arts