Community Event ~ Brand Imagination Station

In August, I held my first community event: Brand Imagination Station.

The energy was so sweet, vulnerable, supportive and creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the laughs at my jokes: a complete success in my book. It meant so much to have everyone there, I’m truly grateful.

My intention was to promote my assistance in helping soulpreneur + entrepeneurs, step into their fullest expression. The event included team bonding, tips + tricks, discounted session offers + plenty of belly laughs!

It was such a fabulous night. I just want to spread the word about how awesome this little Soulpreneur community is and will be for many moons to come!

My passion is to support the Healing Arts and businesses built on soulful passion + I’m already working on something for September, so stay tuned! We’ll keep exploring new ways to express freely, intuitively and with community support.

If this resonates with you, please reach out, I would love to connect X

Erin ‘Jonesie’ Jones
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