What are the Healing Arts?

Healing Arts Here is a list of sample Soulpreneurs in the Healing Arts industry: Wellness Coaches Spiritual Business Coaches Life Coaches Nutritionists Yoga Instructors Astrologists Kundalini Instructors Reiki Practitioners Energy Healers Breathwork Therapists Holistic Health / Alternative medicine Healing Arts Event Coordinators Numerologists Retreat Hosts Inspiring Artists Craniosacral Therapist Resonance Coach (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping […]

My Favorite List of Gifted Talents in the Healing Arts

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Mind-body-spirit healing comes in many unique forms. Psychics, readers, astrologers, intuitives, mediums, teachers, and Reiki masters are uniquely gifted to help with shadow work, kundalini clearings, emotional freedom (EFT) , contacting loved ones, overcoming trauma,  living with purpose, elevating wellness, and much more. My 16 favorite talented healers each have multiple healing gifts, and help […]

Mirror Work: Positively Affirming Yourself to a Better You

Mirror work is a technique that can help people improve their self-esteem, confidence, and general happiness. Mirror work can help you love yourself more, feel better, and be more confident. Mirror work is a simple but powerful practice that involves looking in the mirror and repeating positive affirmations to yourself. The idea is that the […]

5 Tips for a Successful Branding Photoshoot

Every brand is made up of multiple elements, from products and services to logos, consistent brand colors, and design styles. Even more essential components of branding include images and photos. They help create a clear visual identity for your business. In other words, a styled brand photoshoot goes a long way in developing brand awareness […]

Top 4 Ways to Practice Embodiment

When it comes to taking great photos, confidence, health, and feeling nice in your body are key ingredients. You can achieve these traits through practicing embodiment, which helps you to be mindful and become more aware of your environment. This also means reconnecting with your body, thoughts, and feelings to achieve a single entity: a […]

Austin Photographer Tips on How to Prepare for Your Portrait Session | Prana By Jonesie, LLC

While preparing for a portrait session, rely on your portrait photographer to help you. This includes composition, lighting, and poses. However, you also have a role to play to make your photo session even better. Thus, ensuring the final pictures are exactly what you expected. So, how do you prepare for your portrait session? After […]