My Favorite List of Gifted Talents in the Healing Arts

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Mind-body-spirit healing comes in many unique forms. Psychics, readers, astrologers, intuitives, mediums, teachers, and Reiki masters are uniquely gifted to help with shadow work, kundalini clearings, emotional freedom (EFT) , contacting loved ones, overcoming trauma,  living with purpose, elevating wellness, and much more.

My 16 favorite talented healers each have multiple healing gifts, and help make my photography work full of light, color, and clarity. Check them out.

1. Amby

Perhaps best known for her intersectional podcast Innerbloom, co-hosted with Alexa Soothes, Ambrosia Matthews channels everyone from climate scientists to off-planet Arcturian voices. Their podcasts provides a uniquely down-to-earth platform to the warrior souls who are raising up the consciousness of the world and learning how to trust their intuition and higher guidance.

Amby’s psychic readings combine coaching with guidance from your spirit team to help you remove painful blocks and understand the actions you need to take to improve your life – on your own terms.
Ambrosia has been developing her psychic mediumship and channeling skills since first communicating with spirits at age five, and now offers a master class to help people with gifts like hers to grow their intuitive skills and share their wisdom with their community.

2. Alexa Soothes

Best friends with the first healer on my list, Alexa Soothes is a certified Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) tapping practitioner, intuitive healer, and business coach. She’s also the other half of the dynamic duo that hosts the Innerbloom Podcast. She even offers a course to help you start your own podcast!

With over 100K fans on TikTok and easy-to-access virtual sessions, Alexa is helping bring integrative healing to a wider audience and helping people heal all along the way by her relatability and down to earth personality. She’s a joy to work with. Her EFT has been helping people for years to process stuck emotions, release stored trauma, and reprogram their limiting beliefs so that they can finally be free of the energetic weights and blockages that keep them from living the life of their dreams..

3. Amanda Westbrook

A lot of people have a difficult time with the term ‘spirituality’ because it seems to be so outside the realm of everyday physical life. Healer Amanda Westbrook’s slogan is “helping make the abstract applicable”, and she uses her gifts of energetic healing to help people achieve better overall wellness.

As organizations like the HeartMath Institute are showing, energy is real and therefore causes real effects in the physical world – including in the human body. Amanda can see, hear, feel, and interpret this energy. You can join her in healing mediumship, mentoring, channeling, and clearing and blessing sessions for greater confidence, reduced stress, and more alignment to support your goals.

4. Emily Klintworth

The forces of the Universe are typically talked about in terms of physical sciences, and Emily Klintworth takes our knowledge of cosmic patterns a step further by empowering everyday people to understand astrology science.

Her books use hands-on activities and examples to help familiarize you with astrological practices, and her free one-hour online ‘cosmic conversation‘ involves multiple astrologers.

Emily’s claim to fame, though, is her astrology training program in partnership with Uncommon Goods. It cuts through the confusion to give you the big picture of astrology before filling in the details so that you can deeply understand each chart reading you do and have the skillset to feel confident in your practice.

5. Yogi Mehtab

Mehtab Benton, or ‘Yogi Mehtab’ as he’s often referred to, is an award-winning Kundalini Lead Yoga Teacher. He began teaching his practice in a drug rehabilitation ashram in the 1970s and now offers his Level I training course online, with both live and recorded options.  

He also offers ancient Vedic astrology readings and lessons in playing the gong, an instrument that science reveals has many healing qualities. Classes are both self-paced and one-on-one and include beginning and advanced playing, gong therapy, and gong yoga training. You can even purchase a gong at his online store!

6. Ashtara

Ashtara is a medical intuitive and psychic healer and is pretty far out there. However, she’s the one that introduced me to the archangels Raphael and Sandolphin. I saw her at a recent event and she “fixed my crooked back with one punch” and “moved my uterus back into place”. She also told me I would be like her one day. 😊

Like I said, she’s pretty far out there, but it could be what connects you to that next step. Everyone has an innate ‘Master’ inside themselves, and you can listen to your voice of intuition to find out if her work resonates with you. Visit her website for more info.

7. Susanna Sophia Hart

In an interview for Xtreme Music, artist, coach, author, priestess, and healer Susanna Sophia Hart says, “When we are touched by the beauty or the depth of a painting or poem, or are deeply moved by a melody or a song, our hearts just melt open. As our heart opens, memories that we have been holding onto, such as pain, loss, or hurt, surface and are released through our tears and deeper feelings.”

Susanna founded Sophia Temple of Light to help people activate the Divine Feminine Codes of Light and work through their feelings on a deeper level. Her new website, the Rose Grail, is coming soon.

8. Leslie Anne, Medium

For anyone seeking to speak to past loved ones, empath Leslie Anne is on point and worth the money. She offers intuitive wellness (health) body scans, lifeline readings, and chakra sessions to help you remove energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck.

As a trained and certified intuitive, she knows how to heal and direct energy, and is the real deal.

9. Francine “Fran” Caruso

An ATX Reiki healer and intuitive, Fran built has been in business for over 20 years. She was pretty spot on about so much when I had a session with her.

She received her certification in 2002 after training under a Reiki master. Her intuitive gifts allow her to provide information about what needs to be healed emotionally, mentally, and physically in your life. She can also bring you messages from loved ones who have passed on.

You can find Fran’s contact information for in-person and phone bookings on the Austin Alchemist website.

10. Mary Allison Love

While she uses many healing methods, Mary Ellen’s intuitive guidance has one goal: to help you harness your inner power so you can achieve the focus, discipline, and courage you need to live the life of your dreams. She does this using intuitive insights that help you “clean up” your unconscious habits.

You can check out her inspirational posts on Facebook, and book a supportive transformational session with her for guidance along your path.

12. Colby Rebel

World-traveler and LWISSD Certified Master Spiritual Teacher Colby Rebel uses her psychic medium abilities to channel messages from the Universe to loved ones here on earth, in her uniquely practical style. Her in-person, Zoom, and phone sessions include intuitive readings about your life purpose and next steps on your journey, plus invigorating, deeply healing conversations with loved ones in the spirit world.

You can find her mentoring, masterclass, and spiritual development classes online, and check out her selection of insightful books to help empower your goals. She also interviews “legends and trailblazers” in the healing arts on her Facebook Live webcast every Thursday at 5pm PST, with past episodes available here.

13. Alyssa Malehorn

In her work as a Quantum Spiritual Teacher, Alyssa Malehorn can feel and see the unaligned energy in your ‘Lightbody’, or energy matrix that’s part of each one of us. In addition, she can access the quantum energies of the Universe to help you release limiting beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving your life.

Her sessions include individual or family healing options, and she also has awakened parenting workshops that are especially beneficial for parents of intuitive and sensitive kids.   

Alyssa offers free spiritual therapy gifts as well, including a support viral immunity mp3 and meditations to balance each chakra.

14. Nike Aurea

Intuitive and Indigenous Ancestral Catalyst Nike Aurea provides harm-reducing healing spaces for marginalized groups, including black and indigenous women and femmes. By connecting you to your ancestors, she helps you understand how they’re here to help you attend to your past trauma and grow your spiritual lineage gifts into the future.

Her Catalyst Inclusion Program helps you embed inclusive leadership into your groups, programs, and organizations by addressing the way racist programming is part of our society’s systems. You can choose from two Catalyst options here, as well as her Ancestral Online Retreat and Connection Sessions.

15. Anne Berlin

A highly gifted clairvoyant and empath who honed her gifts at the First Spiritualist Church of Austin, Anne Berlin is in direct contact with the angels and Ascended Masters. These light beings help guide humanity to higher conscious actions by communicating spiritual ‘best practices’ to Anne.

She’s available by appointment Thursdays and Sundays 1-3pm CST, and her website of expanded services is launching soon.

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