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Final high resolution images are delivered via a dedicated hosted album link. The hosted link is live for up to six months. Prints are available directly through the link or you may download and print at any printer of choice. 

Live on a zoom call, we review the top images along with basic edits to get an idea if I’m headed the right direction in the post-editing process. I want to make sure you’re comfortable with the content customized for you specifically, so that as I finalize the last retouches, we are on the same page. I confirm at this time if there are specific format sizes required by your marketing or web team. 

We simply play in co-creation. We start our session with a quick recap of intentions and flow. We’ve done all the prep, now we let the creativity guide us, and we get embodied.

Are we ready?! Check check! We recap our fun plans and prep for the main event.  Any last minute purchases are made, including outfits, props, backdrops, accessories, etc. 

VIBE CHECK! We dive into the specific mood of the shoot. A live zoom share screen will help provide insight on what is needed for the shoot including outfits, props, backdrops, scouting, models, hair and make-up, etc. Make it most successful by discovering where you want to go versus where you are now. 

My 6 step process



POST ZOOM CALL: This is 80% of the work! I ensure the final edits and retouches are aligned with our initial intentions and project scope. 

WITH DELIVERY: Reminders of how to save and share the highest quality images amongst various devices are sent. Request for survey participation is included to find out how we did!

B-T-S Photos are shared. 


POST ZOOM CALL: A photoshoot prep sheet is provided to help prepare you and your best self for the shoot.


POST ZOOM CALL: A schedule and storyboard are drafted for approval. Wardrobe options shared. Vendors and necessary purchases are finalized.


POST ZOOM CALL: To move forward, a retainer of $555 is required by Zelle or CC/Debit Card and an agreement summarizing the project scope is sent for signature. A prep sheet for our DESIGN SESSION is provided. 

We chat initial vision and required deliverables to customize a package that makes the absolute most sense for you. We review the PranaPortraits process in more depth and outline a desired timeline. Questions are answered regarding project scope and we find out what matters most to you in regards to our collaboration.


The Full Prana Experience

I find that shoots are most successful when the planning time is more fostered to ensure vision and branding are aligned. 


“Erin is so incredibly professional, calm, grounding and personable as a photographer. She knows how to see things in a way the average person doesn't, does anything for the shot it shows in the results. She captures the fun and energy in the room like nobody else.”

“Absolutely stunning photographic work, Jonesie has a amazing eye and can capture the true beauty.

I absolutely love all the phots the shoot provided me with. Highly recommended.”


“I've worked with Jonesie on multiple shoots. She's an absolute professional, and has a way of catching the essence of her subjects perfectly. Clients are always happy with their results. In addition, black animals are the most difficult to photograph, when my cat fell ill, I hired Jonesie to do a shoot for us. The photos of my cat turned out beautiful and I proudly hang one in my home.”

For details on all of my collections and pricing, please inquire by clicking the "let's get started" link below. I look forward to chatting with you!


Investment begins at $750

Specializing in EMPOWERMENT photography FOR SOULPRENEURS