Photo Prop Inspiration for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Props aren’t just random items to fill a photo scene. They can serve important purposes. They help to express your brand vibes and individual personality. Props also help make photos more interesting, giving them dimension. Most importantly, props give clients something to do, something to play with, something to move with. For those who are shy, having a props to hold on to, or move around with, can make you feel more at ease and help the photos feel more candid.

Hats & Headpieces

Hats are a great way to express your personality. The right hat can really ‘top-off’ a particular look. They come in such a wide variety: small ,large, furry, colorful, sophisticated, flamboyant, and so on. Cultural hats and headpieces can also be worn in a respectful way.

Flowers & Plants

This is a perfect way to bring a little bit of Mother Nature into your photos. You can use real or fake flowers, bring some from your own garden, or even buy a plant just for your shoot. Greenery like succulents give photos a grounded, earthy feel. While brightly colored flowers add a touch of natural energy.

Scarves & Tapestries

Who doesn’t love a fun scarf? This type of accessory is all about the movement of energy, the natural flow, and expressing your deeper self. The camera will dance with your movement, giving the images an ethereal vibe.

Feathers & Fluff

Feathers and fluffy things add texture and depth to a photo. They can be fun or serious. Think brightly colored boas for a lively vibe, or earth-toned feathers for a fierce warrior vibe..

Sacred Geometry & Sculptures

This is a wonderful way to join the present moment with ancient history, and remind us that we are all connected. Sacred geometric shapes representing universal connection can be overlaid in editing, or you could hold a physical object in the shape you most connect with.

Umbrellas & Parasols

I am always collecting these because they have such a wide range of feelings they can evoke in images. A dainty parasol can represent romance, innocence, and femininity. While a bright, bold umbrella can express a sense of fun and adventure.


Like hats, glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Wear a pair of clear lenses and traditional frames to express intellect. Or wear a fun pair of sunglasses to show your vibrant side. You could even have a specific reflection chosen to superimpose onto the sunglasses.


The seats in your photos are very important. This is especially true when shooting in the studio. Make sure the seating matches the energy and vibe of your brand. You may even want to bring an appropriate seat to the studio to make sure it fits with your overall vision of the shoot.

Ritual Items

Add soul depth and intention to your shoot by incorporating ritual items into your shoot. This includes things like smudge sticks, incense, meditation pillows, wands, candles, crystals, mandalas, and so on.

Disco Balls

Why not? A sparkling disco ball says, ‘I’m classy, and I like to party.’ These balls create a lot of unique lighting opportunities for photos.

Decor from your home or office

You likely have a lot of cool things sitting around your home or office. These are good props because they already connect with you and express your own unique vibe. It can be anything, perhaps you have a Buddha statue you love, or a vintage suitcase that just speaks to you on a soul level. Get creative and think of how you might use your decor in unusual ways. I’ve used a lamp shade as a hat. The possibilities are endless.


While not exactly a prop, I am still putting them in here because I love working with shadows to create scenes. I have over 25 stencils to choose from and the silhouettes create vibes that simply can’t be conjured any other way.

Special Effects

Also not a prop, but worth mentioning because having things edited into photos can really add flare and dimension. Unique overlays I use include rays of light or a beam of sunshine, glitter, sparkles and smoke/fog.

Flowy Attire

Anything that moves with your body and air gives you more options for poses and adds a sense of motion. Think flowy dresses, skirts, hair, tassels, and ribbons. These things give you more elements to play with and explore in your photos.

Prop choices are as diverse as the individuals I photograph. Tap into your intuition to help guide your decisions about the props you incorporate into your shoots. And as always, I am here to collaborate with you to make your creative vision a reality.

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